Monday, February 14, 2011

It's Valentines Day...I'm Watching the Westminster Dog Show

Well, it's Valentines Day. While I'm not a hater, I'm not exactly a fan either. Now you might think I'm bitter because I haven't found that special someone, but really that's not the reason for my lukewarm feelings towards this day.

I take issue with retail holidays. It's a sad statement that we've created a special day to tell our loved ones that we love them or show them we love them by buying gifts. Why don't we live that everyday? Not the buying gifts part, the showing love part. I realize that some people do, but it's obvious that a greater percentage of us do not. And we play right into the hands of retailers. I am a Capitalist, but sometimes the materialistic nature of our culture disappoints me. From my perspective, spending time with loved ones is a much better gift than anything money can buy.

No news on the dating front. I think I'll start a pool as to how long it's going to take before they call me back. I think I might have blacklisted myself.

Happy Valentines Day to all, and remember to live the spirit all year (you know, like Christmas)...and yes, I really am watching the Westminster Dog Show. I just adore those little toy dogs.

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